Tokyo Visual Identity 2020

Asics Case New 13

For the Tokyo Summer Olympics, ASICS tasked us to create a new and exciting visual identity and campaign for their latest product range launch which conveys their heritage, reinforces their brand beliefs and showcases their innovation in sports footwear and apparel.

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The outcome is inspired by traditional printing techniques and textured paper backgrounds, referencing the Japanese heritage of the brand and as a nod to the company's founder Kihachiro Onitsuka's final advert. Textures are scanned from the soles of each shoe, digitally re-creating them in 3D. Inspired by the Japanese flag we turned these into into highly detailed red spheres that we used as backdrops for the shoes.

These were coloured using the brand's Sunrise Red; a unique colour which symbolises the sun as an energy source for all life on Earth. Through this colour, ASICS expresses the burning passion of all athletes. The typography is playful, with headlines relating to the benefit of each product, with vertical words anchored to the edges of the layout. This creates a sense of balance further enhanced by the delicate combination of Latin and Japanese characters.

Together these elements reinforce a feeling of momentum and the ASICS brand philosophy of lifting the spirits of the world through movement.


Rolling out this campaign globally, we reinforced the brand as a leading sportswear innovator while simultaneously reconnecting them with their heritage. The roll-out was a resounding success across traditional and digital media, leading to heightened awareness, sales and brand perception in all markets.

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The METARACER™, with GUIDESOLE™ technology; designed to save energy and help runners to have more energy at the end of a race.

GUIDESOLE™ technology reduces muscle fatigue, propelling you forward.

For this reason the line “Feel Faster” was created with the explanatory sub-line, “Start fast. Finish faster.”

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The METARISE™, with FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology that helps stabilise the foot setting players up for higher jumps and giving up to 2 cm higher jump.

For this reason the line “Feel Uplifted” was created with the explanatory sub-line, “Stay stable. Jump higher.”

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The METASPRINT™, with DYNAWRAP™ technology, is seamless and lightweight, feeling like a second skin. It’s unique honeycomb carbon fiber outsole enhances traction and delivers explosive speed with each stride.

For this reason the line “Feel Unstoppable” was created with the explanatory sub-line, “More power. More speed.”

With our benchmark campaign visual identity system and core product messaging, external agencies created product video launches.

METARACER Product Launch video — Created by Superlarge

METARISE Product Launch video — Created by Superlarge

METASPRINT Product Launch video — Created by Superlarge