Why wait?

We reserve the most beautiful words for the dead. But why do we wait until it’s too late to say such wonderful things? In this campaign for funeral insurance company DELA, people speak from the heart to those that are closest to it; their loved ones. Not at their funeral, but in public places where they – and everyone else - can hear, and most of all, feel it.

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We made ads with only the word 'Lieve' (translation: Dear). People were invited to fill in the rest. The uploaded ads were used for outdoor. Each poster was unique and placed in the area where the person it was meant for lived. Besides the print ads, people could post their beautiful words on Facebook or on DELA's website. In addition, radio, banners and live television speeches were used within the campaign.

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  • Advertising
  • Branding & Design
  • Social & Content
  • PR & Influence
  • Media


  • Cannes Lions Bronze Creative Effectiveness
  • SAN Accent Corporate
  • SAN Accent Excellent
  • SAN Accent Advertiser of the year
  • ADCN Silver Commercial
  • Esprix Silver Services Financial
  • Esprix Silver Services Non-financial
  • Esprix Bronze Social responsibility
  • Amma Best Media & resources strategy
  • Cannes Lions Silver Promo & Activation
  • Cannes Lions Silver Media
  • Cannes Lions Grand Prix Media
  • Effie Gold Brand Campaign
  • Caples Awards Silver Interactive campaign
  • Caples Awards Silver Promotional/activation effort
  • Caples Awards Bronze Content Marketing
  • Epica Bronze Social Networks
  • Epica Bronze Integrated Campaigns
  • IMC Bronze Brand-building
  • IMC Gold Integrated communications
  • IMC Goud Innovative idea or concept
  • IMC Grand Prix
  • Eurobest Bronze Media
  • Eurobest Bronze Promo & Activation
  • Eurobest Gold Branded Content