We're idealists

Here in Amsterdam we’re a full service agency just shy of 100 people, fearlessly led by CEO Edgar Molenaars, CFO Heleen Heijt, CCO’s Peter van Rij & Martijn van Marle and CSO Daan Remarque.

Globally, we’re part of a network that has been recognized as Cannes Lions Network of the Year five times in a row and EFFIE’s Most Effective Network of the Year three times. 

Because we’re all idealists. 

Storytelling, storymaking, storyspreading

At the start of any enterprise, idealism is a powerful driving force. We believe that successful brands have a higher ideal at their core, something that appeals to universal human motivation. So we take a brands' purpose – its best self – and combine it with a relevant cultural tension to create what we call The Big ideal: a point of view on how the world should be, coupled with the resolve to work for it.

This is the ideal start to any brand’s unique story. It’s Story Making, and it’s the first step we take. Then we find captivating ways to bring that story to life in emotional ways, with good old Story Telling. Then, of course, we make sure that story and a call to action reaches the right audience, wherever they are, with the art of Story Spreading.

We could tell you about all the great things that happen when you follow this process. But, sometimes, the best way to tell a story is to shut up and let the work speak for itself. Work like our own case for Dela, or Call Sweden by our colleagues in Stockholm, and Dove from Ogilvy London.

Divine discontent Divine discontent

We’re as proud of the work we do today as we are thankful for the legacy that got us here. A legacy established by the pioneer of modern advertising. A man whose signature can be seen not just on our stationary, but in every piece of work that is as creative as it is effective.