Never had that before

When you mix the flavors of fruits that are already exotic, you not only get weird product names – like Passionanas and Manguava – you also get flavors that no one has ever had before. Which, in all its simplicity, is the premise of this campaign for Fanta’s new rotational flavors. But without an idea, a premise is just a premise. So, in an effort to add even more strangeness to something that no one has ever had before, we created this campaign, aptly titled: #NeverHadThatBefore 

The campaign involves two short spots for TV and web. And also, a whole bunch of stuff for social media. Turns out that cheap stock pics, basic Photoshop skills and some silly writing go a long way. 

Work Fanta Nhtb Posters

The campaign further involves sampling, brand experiences, influential marketing and other local activities and runs in a whooooooooole bunch of countries, like Italy, Russia, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Switzerland, Poland, Croatia, Bosnia and, well, many more. Save to say, we had a lot of fun making this. And our job rules.

Our Role

  • digital
  • film
  • outdoor
  • pr
  • print
  • social
  • retail

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