Milka X Snelle


48% of Gen-Z have trouble expressing their feelings to loved ones. As the most tender chocolate brand, we wanted to help. So we listened to the old Dutch proverb: “if you can’t say it, sing it.”


To help people share their feelings, we partnered with Snelle, a Dutch rapper with over 100 million streams. When buying a Milka bar, they scanned a Q.R. to enter a personal message. The rest was magic. Combining three A.I. engines, we turned every message into an original Snelle song. We simulated his appearance, songwriting and performance style- the first time this has ever been done.


Receiving over 135 million online impressions, this innovative campaign boosted Milka sales by 38%. And through more than 80,000 custom Snelle songs, Dutch people shared their tender feelings like never before.