Something Blokker knows all about

There are many different kinds of people in the Netherlands. With lots of different habits, hobbies, jobs, studies, children, pets, or interests. But there is one thing that everybody has to do. Housekeeping. One way or the other. Blokker lends a helping hand in this, and shows who they are in their new commercial. A store full of household goods. With an answer to every household's demand, for every wallet. Nothing more, nothing less.

In the commercial we see recognizable scenes that happen within each household. With this, Blokker shows that people are very different in many different things, but we all have to keep house. Blokker is the go-to store for everyone who needs the right tools for this.

Edgar Molenaars, CEO of Ogilvy Amsterdam, about the campaign: "Blokker connects itself to the present-day Netherlands in a sympathetic and authentic way. They proudly explain why and for whom they have been on earth since 1896. The simple way of working with Smarthouse is completely contemporary and is just as proud as the final result of the film itself. "