Team Heart Safety

More than 17,000 people suffer heart attacks outside of a hospital every year in the Netherlands, and it is still a major cause of death. Statistically, chances of survival are highest when resuscitation begins within six minutes, which is why people talk about the so-called "6-minute zone" – the limited time period in which sufferers of cardiac arrest can still be resuscitated.

To draw attention to cardiovascular health & safety, Philips & our team created an innovative way to visualise the crucial distance to the nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

AED run

In the words of Gijs Sluijters and Joris Tol, Creative Directors at Ogilvy Social.Lab: “We were looking for a way to visualise the importance of an AED in the neighbourhood. By continuously showing whether a defibrillator is close enough to fall in the 6-minute zone during a marathon in a busy city like Eindhoven, we make people aware of the many places this isn’t the case yet. That is why we have designed special shirts, equipped with LED lighting, a GPS receiver and a minicomputer: the shirts indicate the distance to the nearest AED in real time.”