To draw attention to cardiovascular health & safety, Philips & our team created an innovative way to visualise the crucial distance to the nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

More than 17,000 people suffer heart attacks outside of a hospital every year in the Netherlands, and it is still a major cause of death. Statistically, chances of survival are highest when resuscitation begins within six minutes, which is why people talk about the so-called "6-minute zone" – the limited time period in which sufferers of cardiac arrest can still be resuscitated.

Aed Run

In the words of Gijs Sluijters and Joris Tol, Creative Directors at Ogilvy Social.Lab: “We were looking for a way to visualise the importance of an AED in the neighbourhood. By continuously showing whether a defibrillator is close enough to fall in the 6-minute zone during a marathon in a busy city like Eindhoven, we make people aware of the many places this isn’t the case yet. That is why we have designed special shirts, equipped with LED lighting, a GPS receiver and a minicomputer: the shirts indicate the distance to the nearest AED in real time.”

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