Philips Saeco

A Higher Note

To launch coffee maker Saeco’s new flagship machine, we collaborated with composer Francesco Nigri to explore how we refine our personal tastes, to make our best even better.


The high-end coffee machine market is extremely competitive and dominated by big name players. Consumers who take their coffee this seriously also have very high expectations. Saeco needed to find a way to reach discerning coffee aficionados with a limited budget.


Instead of hiring an A-list celebrity like competitors DeLonghi and Nespresso, we played to Saeco’s unique strengths and authenticity. As a quintessentially Italian brand, we worked with a modern Italian maestro and coffee lover to compose and then refine an original piece of music.

This process was fueled by the Saeco Xelsis Suprema’s uniquely tailored coffee and became the basis for a campaign consisting of a short film, TVC, over 60 social assets, photography and digital banners.




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