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Social Creative Copywriter - (Mid level)


Social.Lab was acquired three years ago by Ogilvy and now sits at the heart of the Ogilvy group as its deep social expertise. We develop dynamic content strategies that make brands, sales and customer value grow. We match great creative ideas, social-by-design executions with effective distribution and leading expertise in paid media in social. And we implement them through appropriate, agile and effective production capabilities. Last but not least, we measure, learn and optimise… if we can daily. Because today we can.  

Social.Lab is the fastest growing offer of the Ogilvy Group worldwide. In the last 3 years it has quintupled its size. As a leading social media agency, Social.Lab is now active across 3 continents and 7 markets with 160 employees.  Social.Lab services American Express Global, Nespresso Global, Nespresso UK,  Philips Global, Unilever Global, and many other local clients in each of its offices. 


The role is a Creative Copywriter which sandwiches the ability to craft a nuanced piece of short copy, as well as think conceptually about content ideas and bigger campaign ideas. It involves working collaboratively with the Social Lab and Philips Real Time Marketing team to maximize the performance of great creative content for social channels. This role will include face-to-face client presentations, oversight and mentoring of more junior members of the team, and proactively identifying areas of team process and structure that could be evolved with the support of the Creative Lead.

We’re looking for a seasoned creative with an background in copywriting who isn’t afraid to get hands on in a smaller team. Somebody with a serious interest in Social Media, and a desire to create content that leads to business performance. Someone who can be given data and insight from previous campaigns and target audiences and turn that data and insight into great ideas and great content. A person who’s excited by the prospect of joining a small team and helping it to grow over the next 6-12months.

This is a collaborative, fast paced setting where it will be your job to creatively push great work across all social formats. The challenge will take the analysis of the how the work has  performed and aim to improve it at every opportunity.

The Basics:

  • Confidently develop and present campaign concepts, that are born and raised in social media insights.
  • Develop tactical content that fits within an existing campaign concept, and adapt for different platforms
  • Delivering  copy of the highest quality for social content including concept write ups, social post copy, scripts and in-video supers.
  • Broadly understand that different markets have different cultural nuances and apply this knowledge to campaigns that are market-specific.
  • Confidently take your ideas through the whole of production alongside a producer – in pre-production, on-set and in post-production.
  • Challenge creative briefs with opportunities you feel could be bigger and more exciting to continually raise the output of the department.
  • Structure and create compelling creative decks (in both Keynote and PowerPoint
  • Frequently meet with clients and project leaders and excite them with creative project updates continually showing the potential of the creative team.
  • Work closely with our paid media team to understand how to best use the variety of social media formats in order to develop content that works part of a wider consumer journey towards purchase.
  • Staying abreast of new media formats and learning how to incorporate them into campaigns
  • Be an advocate of anything and everything that's creatively inspiring. 

The Essentials:

The ideal candidate for Creative Copywriter is fluent in English (knowledge of Dutch, German or French is a plus) and would have the following background:

  • Should have worked in a previous role as a Copywriter or Editorial Creative
  • Proven examples of conceptual campaign ideas that were executed on social media
  • A passion for creativity and an education/background that involved artistic expression
  • Proven track record of writing effective social copy for a variety of brands
  • Experience in delivering one key message, to a selection of various audiences through varied copy iterations
  • Client-facing experience with presenting & defending creative ideas
  • Proven ability to independently manage multiple priorities in a fast paced and deadline driven environment
  • An innovative approach to the ways in which advertising is executed
  • A thorough understanding of (and appreciation for) social media, and the main features, benefits and limitations of all of the major social platforms.
  • An energetic team player, with a can-do attitude and a positive personality.