Gijs Sluijters and Joris Tol start at Ogilvy Amsterdam.

Gijsjoris Large

 “Ogilvy is a giant, but the place is filled with young, ambitious people. Good vibes!”

Ogilvy Amsterdam is thrilled to welcome Gijs Sluijters and Joris Tol as new Creative Directors. The creative duo previously worked for almost six years at DDB & Tribal after stints at Famous Brussels and FHV/BBDO. The guys see Ogilvy as a perfect opportunity to make a difference based on their digital expertise.
Gijs Sluijters: “These days, more and more small shops are popping up, but there are few agencies with such a recognizable legacy and guaranteed quality such as Ogilvy has. From the outside, Ogilvy is a giant in the advertising world. However, within the walls of the building, you will find a space filled to the brim with young, dedicated and talented people that all share the ambition to make a difference in a changing industry. Good vibes!”
Joris Tol: “It’s exactly this ambition that we want to enrich with our approach. Over the past years, we’ve done many projects that revolve around tech, digital and social. At Ogilvy, we can keep pushing this, together with the strong team. The goal is to make a difference on a hugely diverse portfolio of clients.”

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