Come see our new office!

We’ve just settled into our new office in the stunningly renovated building previously known as ‘Rivierstaete’. We’ll be sharing the 19,000 m2 building with our 30 WPP sister companies in Amsterdam. The biggest agency move in Dutch advertising history brings 1500 creative brains together in a world-class working environment to facilitate collaboration and give our clients simpler access to all WPP talent. 

Ogilvy was the first to move in, with all companies scheduled to be settled in by April 2019.


Amsteldok Nieuw

The new WPP campus ‘Amsteldok’ derives its name from its location on the banks of the Amstel -Amsterdam’s centuries old economic lifeline- and the Dutch word ‘dok’, which according to the campus’ brochure is ‘a metaphor for progressive thinking, making connecting and creating’. Hmm. Sounds good anyway.

Come check for yourself!

Amsteldok Wide

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